When She Finds Out Where Her Dog Came From, She Can’t Hold Back The Tears!

We think that we know what the world is like. We think that dogs are abused by being neglected or that they are part of a dog fighting ring or that they have no home and simply wander the streets.

What we never, ever consider is that the dogs of the world are sometimes raised in what is called a dog meat farm. These dogs are essentially raised on these farms so that they can be farmed for their meat.

When this lovely woman adopted her dog, she had no idea that this is where her dog’s life began. When the people from the animal shelter take her to see where her dog was raised, she begins to cry. The idea of her dog being shoved into a small cage and living in the horrible conditions in front of her is too much for her. She is so happy that her dog is living a life of happiness and love today.

How do you feel about dog meat farms? Did you know about them before you watched this video? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

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