He Finds Out He Was Being Filmed. What This Peacock Does Next? I Can’t Close My Eyes! WHOA!

Peacocks are often considered to be one of the most beautiful birds in the world. Their attractive plumage is a sight for sore eyes. While many of them are born with colorful iridescent feathers, some of them are totally different from the flock. Some of these birds suffer from a complete lack of color in their plumage due to a genetic mutation called “leucism.”

Despite their condition, they are still as beautiful as their colorful counterparts. The following video features a leucistic Indian peacock putting on a stunning display for his spectators. Peacocks usually do this dance in order to attract possible mates.

According to the uploader, when this white peacock saw he was being filmed, he started showing himself. Looks like he loves putting on a show doesn’t he?

Looks like this particular peacock has a friend with him in this clip. A little white rabbit is nearby, but I guess at one point he gets too close. The peacock makes his displeasure known with a loud squawk and the rabbit runs away, much to the amusement of the spectators. There must be about 100 people there admiring this incredible creature.

I’ve seen these beautiful white peacocks in India, and they are truly a sight to see. To us they are so unusual. In India they are considered sacred and run around freely and undisturbed, but they aren’t usually chasing white rabbits.

Watch this fabulous white peacock in the video given below and share your thoughts about it in the comments!

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