He Finds This Tiny Bird In A Parking Lot. What Happens When He Decides To Pick It Up? CRAZY!

While out on his smoke break, Patrick heard a subtle chirping coming from the bush.

When he started to investigate, he quickly discovered that a little baby bird was stuck inside a PVC pipe. The baby killdeer had lost his mom and dad, was helpless, and looks completely adorable!

The video begins with Patrick holding the minute bird in the palm of his hand as it chirps and tries to get away back to its mama.

Intent on helping the little bird reunite with its family, Patrick helps it find its parents in order to reconnect them.

In the distance, he sees the bird’s mom and dad running back and forth in the parking lot looking for their lost baby.

So Patrick places the baby bird onto the ground and it immediately starts running over to its parents. At first they’re a little hesitant and standoffish to their baby.

But once its mom recognizes that it truly is their baby and that it has come back to them, she does something that is absolutely heart-warming.

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