He finds a tiny puppy sleeping on the grass. Carefully watch him when he starts recording…

Well, now I’ve seen everything! This lady peered out her window to cat a horse, a human, and a dog rolling around in the field! I can’t believe how hilarious this is! Anyone would be shocked and surprised if they found a big animal like that just lying like that on their home, what’s more, surprising is that there are three of them in total. A man, the horse, and their dog friend are all lying on their backs in the yard.

It’s one of the cutest sights you could ever picture, and it shows the power that animal friendship holds. What the video is showing is a moment that the woman’s husband shared while playing with the couple’s two animal friends, and you can see as they all roll on their sides simultaneously; it’s hilarious!

I always love to see videos of animals of different species being friends with each other because it demonstrates how we can all put our differences aside for a while to share feelings and moments of joy.

Please watch and share this adorable video below with all your friends and family. It is sure to make you crack up!