A firefighter saves a Pit Bull from a fire. Look at him 5 months later…

If you were to talk to a fireman, imagine the stories he would be able to tell you. Being a fireman was one of the three professions I wanted to have when I was a little kid. One of my friends did become one, but I think it was because his father had been a fireman himself. One day, he told us that he had driven with his father on the fire truck several times.

We thought that it had been very cool. Imagine, being 7 years old and getting to ride on a fire truck with the sirens at full blast. Everything for us started one day when we got a visit from our local fire department. They were there to show us a drill in case the school caught on fire. They had a quiz at the end and the child that answered more questions correctly would get to ride with them around the block.

One boy in the classroom won and got the all-inclusive ride on the fire truck. We all thought it had been a wonderful experience and once I got home, I told my father that I wanted to be a fireman. I watched a lot of programs back them that featured rescues by these brave men. In some cases, they were called to rescue people from a burning building while others featured rescues from cars.

In one of these rescues, a man had had an accident and was trapped inside his vehicle. Policemen were dispatched to the area, but they didn’t have the equipment necessary to pull him out of the twisted metal. The firemen were called, and they arrived like in 5 minutes. They took out their axes and other equipment including a hydraulic machine to pull the car apart.

After a few minutes, they managed to get the man out of the vehicle uninjured. Fortunately for him, he had been wearing a seatbelt. Another rescue that I saw was a woman who was rescued from under some rubble. This was in a place in South America where an earthquake had hit. Her house had collapsed, and the firemen worked there for about 6 hours until she was rescued safe and sound.

But firemen don’t only rescue people. At times, some animals are given a second chance at life as well. The fireman in the following video rescued a Pit Bull from the fire. When he got him out, he noticed he was just a puppy, but the puppy had suffered severe burns in all his body. The fireman took the puppy to get medical attention and ended up adopting him. Look at what happened exactly five months after!