Firefighters Run To Put Out Blaze, Neighbor Tells Them The Puppies Are Inside

We have always been told that material things can be replaced, loved cannot. If I am running after a ball, I should not chase it if it goes to the street. If I am riding my bicycle and I can get injured, I should always choose myself. Seems an easy choice, right? Parents can always buy another toy or another bike. Our lives are the ones that cannot be replaced. Each one of us is created uniquely. We cannot be duplicated. Not taking unnecessary risks is part of it.

Children often take unnecessary risks when they play. It’s climbing a tree or riding a bike with no brakes. Touching a hot stove or playing with matches. Many people say that it’s ok for them to do it. Taking risks and making mistakes is part of the learning process.

How about accidents? We try to prevent them as best we can. We teach our children to what to do in case they are ever in one. We tell them to call 911 and how smoke detectors work. We hope for them to never be in such a situation, but it is better to teach them.

Now, when we are talking about pets… You cannot really teach a pet to react in a certain way if ever in danger. Even if you do, it does not guarantee that the pet will react the same way. Animals react out of instinct. Sometimes, their survival instinct kicks in it can put them more in danger. Dogs have a natural fear of storms or lighting.

There was one case like this where the lives of six puppies and their mother were in danger. A fire broke out at a home in Commerce City, Colorado. Fortunately, the family was not at home at the time while the building was on fire. Unfortunately, the family’s pets were. They were trapped inside and unable to get out. If they did not find a way out, this would be like a death chamber for them.

The firefighters arrived on the scene. The house was in very bad shape, engulfed in flames. They start to work on the fire when some neighbor alerts them that the dogs are inside the home. They immediately enter the flaming building and find the dogs. The puppies’ mother is not letting anyone near her puppies. She believes she is protecting them from harm. It looks like the firefighters are not going to be able to get the dogs out in time.