Fireworks Can Be AWFUL For Your Pets. Here Are Some Helpful Tips To Help Them Deal With It!

Summer season is already on its way, and even though it’s a special time of the year for everybody, it’s especially exciting for people who live in the United States, because we get to celebrate our Independence on July 4th, the birth of our country. It means fireworks, family time, parties, and fun in the outdoors. Sadly, that first part of the celebration isn’t as pleasant for everyone as you might think. Even though they’re pretty visually, fireworks are very noisy and create powerful explosions that resonate for miles and miles, so people suffering from PTSD related to gun violence and animals with sensible hearing can have a really bad time when fireworks come.

The famous dog trainer Cesar Milan says on his book that more pets run away on the 4th of July than every other day of the year, and it’s because they’re trying to run away from the noises. But even if you don’t use fireworks, there’s no guarantee that there’s not going to be noise all around your house when the date comes, so what to do with them then?

The following video tells us about several helpful measures that you can take with your pet when there are fireworks going on close to you. The most important part of it is staying with your beloved pets. Even if it’s a harsh experience for them, it can mean bonding time for both of you.

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