First She Cuts The Potatoes. But What She Does After That? It Looks So Tasty!

Definitely one of the most popular foods all around the world, potatoes are no joke. They can be used for an almost endless list of recipes, and that gives them the title of the most versatile vegetable of all time. And every day, it seems, someone finds a new way to cook with them, like in the video below! This woman’s recipe shows how to make the perfect parmesan potato stacks, and just by looking at her doing it, you know it tastes amazing.

Potato stacks work great as a snack or a side dish, and your friends and family will definitely love it if you offer these to them at home. The recipe includes a lot of tasty condiments, such as garlic, parmesan, and thyme, and they go perfectly with the taste of potatoes. And there’s so many more combinations that you can try, like basil, oregano, or even rosemary. I want to try them all! Potatoes are great because you can make any kind of flavor work with them.

You can watch the video just below. Doesn’t it look amazing? Maybe you should try it out and see! Let us know what you think about this great recipe in the comments.

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