First-Grade Students Sing “Fight Song” For Teacher Battling Cancer

First-grade teacher, Emily Marshall, from Central Elementary School in Moore, Oklahoma was fighting her eighth fight against breast cancer when she got a heartwarming surprise from the whole school. As she walked into the auditorium, the students greet her with applause, and the choir took the stage.

The big celebration shows Mrs. Marshall that the school is there to support her during this difficult time. Joined by her husband Danny and their three kids, they all sat down to watch a performance that Marshall wasn’t expecting.

Her first-grade students began to sing loudly and dance along to the perfect tune for the occasion: Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song.” As the children continued, Emily started to wipe away tears from her eyes. The students and teachers shouted, “We love you, Mrs. Marshall.”

Mr. Snyder, the choir director, said: “We love her. We care about her. We want her to know that she is not fighting this battle alone.” Emily has been teaching for nearly 21 years and has never felt so much compassion. She’s now taking chemotherapy meds and continues to teach.