First he asked the dogs to do a trick and then he asked the cat to do a trick. What happened next? WOW!

It is well-known that dogs perform tricks and cats don’t. But the truth is a little greyer than that. Some dogs are terrible at tricks. And it turns out some cats are great at them. The cat in this video has become famous on the Internet for being better at doing tricks then her canine partners.

Didga the cat became an Internet sensation overnight for videos like this one. This cat can do all the tricks that a dog can do and many more. This video highlights some of her more amazing tricks.

Didga searched on the Internet to find the best dog tricks in the world and then trained to do them better. Didga had inauspicious beginnings. She was just an ordinary cat when she was adopted from a shelter at a young age by her dad. Before long dad realized that she had a real aptitude for learning tricks.

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