For The First Time In His Life Leukemia Survivor Met His Bone Marrow Donor

Luis Monzon was diagnosed with leukemia in 2009. Having spent nine months in intensive chemotherapy treatments he was told that he needed a bone marrow transplant, otherwise he would die.

Luis and his relatives went through several tests to find out if anyone in the family would be a good match up, however, no one in his family would be able to help save his life; so as Luis began to lose hope, he made a last-ditch attempt to match up with a stranger on the national bone marrow registry list.

Time passed by and year after his shocking diagnosis, he was given the greatest news he could ever hope to hear: a suitable match was found!

He has been living cancer free since the moment he got the transplant. After some investigation Luis was able to locate the complete stranger who saved him from death.

Since that life-saving transplant, Luis has set a goal to “Pay it Forward.” Now he is working with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society where he helps people who are in need on a daily basis.

Watch this touching video of a bone marrow donor and a recipient meeting each other for the first time. Their story is presented in the form of an album. Were it not for her gift to him, there wouldn’t be such an amazing album containing so much life! It was a truly wonderful present!

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