This Is Her First Time Picking Out Her Own Toy, And Watch What This Rescued Dog Chooses

This adorable one-year-old Golden Retriever in the clip is named Roo and after watching this clip, you will fall in love with this dog. This poor girl never had any toys to play with, even when she was a puppy. She grew up imprisoned, starved and neglected by her previous owner, but things took a turn for the better when she finally got rescued. It is hard to believe that someone could be cruel enough to abuse and neglect such a wonderful dog.  It is heart-warming to see her experience love and care for the first time in her life after such a long period of abuse.

After she got rescued, Roo was taken to a pet store. There she had the chance to pick out her very first toy, and she seems to know that is why her new owner took her to the pet store. She takes some time to calculate what she wants, because of course she wants to make just the right choice, and then she decides on a cute hedgehog. I’m sure her owner would buy her all the toys in the store if she wanted them, and I certainly think she deserves them. I was really impressed by how well-behaved this girl is. She is definitely going to melt your heart! Wait till you see Roo’s shopping time!

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