A Fish Was Found Alive Inside A Medusa. This Is Actually A Great Stroke Of Luck!

The ocean has many different kind of fish and everyone who lives there really struggle to find some food to survive in the depths. You will hear strange and funny stories about the sea, and probably about fishes, but this one will surprise you enormously. The story is based on a small sea fish and a smart jellyfish.

The ocean photographer Tim Samuel took this funny and interesting photograph of this fish that was swallowed by a jellyfish while he was swimming around in Byron Bay, New Wales, Australia during one of his trips. The horror and surprise cute face of the fish placed inside the jellyfish shows his astonishment and became viral immediately.

It is not yet known how did this intelligent jellyfish to eat the fish, the truth is that this is a very strange situation to capture in cameras or video, but this incredible photographer had the necessary luck to achieve it.  He was at the right time and moment that day.  This was really a lucky strike for this photographer, and one in a million opportunity which he took advantage of.

After taking several pictures and a video, he decided to upload the those to his Instagram account, to show people what he found in the ocean, and after a few minutes, his work was viral all over the web.

In the video, as the skin of the jellyfish is transparent, you can clearly see the fish inside of the jellyfish.  He just bites the jellyfish hook!  This small fish tries with all its forces to leave the body of the jellyfish, moving incessantly and using all its forces, but the jellyfish was not going to let it go so easily.

This experience is something out of the ordinary that you will not want to go unnoticed. Do not forget to play the video so you can see this fun and unique moment captured in the ocean.

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