Fisherman Tosses Treats To A Flock Of Bald Eagles. Just Wait Until The Camera Turns Around

Dutch Harbor is a seaport near the small town of Unalaska, way out in the Aleutian Islands. It’s best known for the local fishing industry, made even more famous by the Discovery Channel’s hit show “Deadliest Catch.” The fishermen of Dutch Harbor are usually pretty busy: for over 30 years, they’ve hauled in a bigger catch than anyplace else in the country!

If you’ve ever seen a bald eagle in action, you know what a breathtaking sight America’s national bird can be. This large, magnificent creature has a piercing gaze and powerful wings. Its range extends from northern Mexico, across the 48 states, and beyond to much of Canada and Alaska. 50 years ago, the bald eagle was seriously endangered, mostly because of hunting and pollution. In response to this crisis, protective measures were introduced, most notably the 1972 ban on DDT. It worked! The eagle population has since rebounded in a big way.

While the bald eagle can be found in many different habitats, it’s technically a “sea eagle.” It should therefore come as no surprise that fish are its favorite food and this brings us back to the fishermen up in Alaska.

Now, being in the presence of just one bald eagle is a memorable experience. But in the video we’ve posted below, you can see a Dutch Harbor fisherman having a great time feeding a whole flock of bald eagles! The eagles go nuts with joy as he tosses them bits of seafood. Be sure to watch the whole thing: it only gets better when the camera pans left.

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