Fishermen are terrified when a massive creature swims under them. Then fear turns to heartbreak

When I first tried scuba diving a while ago, I would get terrified if I felt something touching my leg while I was underwater. The feeling of not knowing what might be creeping down there is something that gives me chills. I have always been a little scared of diving and going down very deep. I think that this fear started a long time ago when I started to read about sea monsters.

My father had a National Geographic subscription, so we got an issue every month. I loved that magazine ever since I was a child. I’ve always loved nature and animals, so having the chance to see them up close was terrific. It was like traveling to another country for me. I memorized many of the issues and got very good at facts about plants and animals.

I remember I was even called upon in class, so I could share what I knew with my classmates. Some of my classmates obviously gave me a tough time. They would call me ‘NatGeo man’ or ‘Lizard Whisperer’. I must admit that it got on my nerves every once in a while. But I figured the more that I showed it bothered me, the more they would keep hassling me.

There was one issue that gave me goosebumps, and it was the one where The Loch Ness Monster. The pictures were black and white, but I swear it looked very real to me. It had an entire article, right in the middle of the magazine. A NatGeo crew decided to go and find out if there really was a Loch Ness Monster. The magazine described the lake as being very dark and deep. I thought to myself, “I know a lot of lakes that are also dark and deep.” What do you think the chances were that other sea monsters would be living in our lakes?

I figured that it would be a lot. Especially when I started reading about other reports that had sea monsters in Lake Chaplain un NY. From that point on, I didn’t even want to get into the water. I started researching the topic at my local library (Internet for the masses did not exist).

After that, I realized that it was probably a myth and nothing more. Shortly after I went on a small boat, we were heading to an island near Baja in Mexico. When we were about halfway there, we all saw a group of whales swimming nearby. I swear these beautiful animals are very intimidating when you see them up close. This is something that the people in the next video were about to find out. They suddenly saw a big whale swimming under their boat. What will the whale do? Will she flip over the boat?