When He Was Out Fishing, Then He Saw Something Unusual In The Water

Jason Frost from Alabama was out fishing when he suddenly saw something in the water he wasn’t expecting to see. The poor man must have been hoping to catch some fish, but what he caught instead is truly a surprise. It was a kitten! Yes, you heard me right. Jason spotted a tiny kitten defenceless and swimming toward his boat. Did you know cats could swim? This one clearly had some good instincts and knew he had to swim to survive and he must have sensed Jason was his only hope. Jason thinks that someone must have just dumped the tiny fellow into the water to get rid of him.

The little guy seems really disturbed and traumatized, and who could blame him. I mean can you even imagine what kind of heartless person would do something so awful to such helpless creatures? Luckily for him, he found the exact opposite type of person when he found Jason who knew he had to rescue the kitten.

The story does not end there though. Jason notices another speck on the water swimming towards him and what follows next is unbelievable. We are glad he and his friend were there to rescue the little cats who look like twins. Jason and his friends are totally surprised and you will be too. I’m just glad they had good instincts and knew to swim to Jason and his boat.

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