Five brothers are happy to meet their newborn sister

This beautiful family has five boys already. They were all so thrilled to welcome their newborn baby sister to their big family.

Back when we had no such thing as a gender reveal, all we could do was wait for our parents to bring the baby back from the hospital. But things have changed now.

These parents informed their boys, Kel, Tad, Troy, Rogan, and Ross that they were going to have a baby sister. The young boys couldn’t control their joy and begun jumping around with excitement.

Their parents lined them up and give them cans with powder and ask them to spill the contents in the air for the reveal. The powder was pink in color, meaning that the boys were finally going to have their long-awaited sister.

When the young boys finally meet their baby sister Shay, they are at a loss for words. They can hardly conceal their excitement. They all gather around the bed to look at and adore the beautiful baby girl in their mother’s arms.

Having garnered more than sixteen million views on youtube, we can all agree that the love and the unbreakable bond between siblings is one that develops very early in all our lives and stays until the very end.

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Five brothers are happy to meet their newborn sister