Five Horses Line Up At The Fence, But Wait Till You See The Little Creature Standing Below Them

Horses are gorgeous and majestic creatures, and are fiercely intelligent. Humans have had a strong relationship with them for years now, with both parties benefitting from the other. Horses have stolen the hearts of millions of people with their splendor and intelligence, and are a great help to us as humans. The Internet has tons of interesting videos revolving around them, and the video below is one of them.

The precious miniature stallion shown in the clip is called Pippin. This little boy is very well-trained. He loves going out on hikes and bike rides with his family and he’s definitely a family pet, almost like a dog. Miniature horses are not common pets, but recently, perhaps with all the interest spurred by Internet footage of them, they have become more popular, and are even used as therapy animals.

Pippin met a herd of horses while he was out one day with his family. The mini stallion was instantly captivated by his bigger counterparts. And by the looks of it, the larger horses were also fascinated by tiny Pippin. You are going to melt when you see how they interact with each other. This will make your day!

This interaction is priceless, and it is proof that differences don’t matter. Sometimes what makes us different is what makes us interesting, and that is certainly the case for Pippin when he meets a bigger version of himself.

Watch this heartwarming footage below! Isn’t that adorable? Share what you thought about this video in the comments section!

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