Five Hungry Cats Surround Daddy Using Computer. I Nearly Fell Out Of My Chair At This.

Household animals have a built-in alarm clock that tells them when they are supposed to be fed. Once you establish that you are going to feed them at a certain time, they are definitely going to hold you to that. I used to feed my cat at 6 am. He started walking on my head at 4 am. Now I feed him and my other cat at night. No matter how annoying the two of them can be, they still can’t beat the cats in this video.

We see a man playing a game on his computer. Three cats appear around his desk. They start trying to get his attention to feed them. He’s rather intent on playing the game. They ramp up their efforts. There are speech bubbles that show what they are thinking. Eventually, there are five cats around him and they get him to go to the kitchen. The first three bolt right behind him and then there are two with delayed reactions.

Even though the speech bubbles of the cats are in a different language, you can choose English subtitles to show them saying things like: “You hungry, too?” “Please feed us now.” “I am going to block your screen.” “Still made a double-kill.” (referring to the game he’s playing). Watch it with the subtitles. They are HILARIOUS. This guy is so creative. I was nearly crying from laughter at the end

I have two cats, so I get this to an extent. An hour before they eat, they usually stalk me around the apartment. They know what time my wife puts our son to bed so they usually follow her around too, giving her the eye like “It’s time for bed!” When my older cat was a bit younger, he would even jump on and off my back to let me know that it was time. Cats just get so fixated. I hope they never band like these cats in the video…

Have you had a cat act like this with you? What did you do? How long could you ignore it before he or she got fed? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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