Five Men Sing A Christmas Classic In A Cappella. But Listen To The One In Front! AMAZING!

Home Free dedicated its heartwarming music video for “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” to all the military members who won’t make it home for the holidays. The a cappella group, which added its own little spin to the holiday classic, included footage of service members surprising their families during Christmastime.

“A special thank you to all members of the military who can’t be home these holidays,” group member Tim Foust says at the end of the video. Of course, the reunions are filled with emotions and tears as we’ve seen many times before. Who could forget about the Marine who left his brother in tears when he showed up just in time for the holiday?

Many fans were touched by the beautiful montage. “That song ALWAYS makes me cry. Inserting those soldier surprises,” one YouTuber user commented. “Hubby jumped up and across the room wondering if I was OK.” Clips of soldiers returning home is always moving, but especially so during the holidays. The music by Home Free just adds to the emotions.

Another said, “Grown man and soldier here, and every time I see a soldier come home like that I tear up. It is truly a good feeling to see my brothers and sisters in arms coming home safely. Merry Christmas, or whatever you do for the season, to everyone out there.”

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