Five Men Stand In A Church. When They Start Singing, I Was Blown Away At Their Talent.

I’m always amazed by what the human voice can do. Well, I’m more impressed by what other human voices are capable of. My singing is in the dictionary under the word “caterwauling.” The range that people can reach when singing songs is astonishing – from those who can reach high enough pitches to shatter glass to those who can reach really deep tones. That’s what’s showcased in this video of a cappella group called Home Free singing “O Holy Night.”

We see the video of them standing inside a church, at the altar area. The camera pans around them and sometimes performs close-ups. It’s a nice video, though it felt like a boy-band video circa 2000. I’m just glad that they didn’t do any dance moves, since it doesn’t look like any of them have talent like Justin Timberlake.

This is the same group that sang with Kenny Rogers in a version of “Children, Go Where I Sing With Thee.” They really know how to harmonize, and if you are into that kind of music, then they are really up your alley. All the guys seem to be good friends and they work well with each other. There are other videos, like one where they are in an advent calendar, that seems to show their goofy side.

In case you haven’t figured this out – they are a Christian band. I understand if you think that’s too secular. There have been plenty of videos where Jewish people or people of other religions are singing about their faiths. It’s fine that they do this – they believe in what they believe in, and it’s your right to not listen to them if you don’t agree. It just feels like you’re missing out on some talented people if you do.

Who was your favorite guy in the group? Do you have other favorite songs of theirs? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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