Five Men Stepped Inside A Church, And The Moment They Sang This Christmas Classic, I Lost It

This video features one of the most amazing acapella groups in the music world today. I am sure many of you know Home Free by now. It consists of 5 singers, namely Austin Brown and Rob Lundquist, baritone Chris Rupp, bass Tim Foust, and Adam Rupp with vocal percussion. They describe themselves as “the world’s first country acapella vocal band” and they definitely live up to that name with this rendition of “O Holy Night” sung in a huge, empty church with great acoustics.

They are originally from Minneapolis. Created by brothers Adam and Chris Rupp in the 2000s, this group had their first taste of fame when they won NBC’s fourth season of “The Sing Off” in 2013. They are a really talented bunch. In this clip, they are singing a spectacular rendition of the beautiful Christmas carol “O Holy Night” and their voices blend together to create the perfect Christmas song.  Prepare to be mesmerized.

This group puts a unique spin on every song they do since they are a purely acapella group, but this time of year makes this song particularly moving. I wish I could have been in the church when they were singing this.

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