Five People Line Up To Sing This Christmas Classic. But When The Music Starts, You Won’t Believe It!

Pentatonix, the five-member a cappella group from Texas who won Season 3 of The Sing-Off, is getting into the holiday spirit with a cover of “Joy to the World.” While this Christmas classic has been performed countless times, the Pentatonix added its own cheerful little spin to it. This is just as surprising as the time the group sang their Starbucks order!

The chart-topping group, who memorably surprised Cracker Barrel customers with an unexpected performance, didn’t miss a note as they harmonized beautifully. Of course, there were also a few solo moments that made the tune even more enjoyable.

The video of the performance, shared on the group’s YouTube page, reached more than one million viewers in just a few days. Many fans were blown away by the creativity of this version, including one who wrote, “Holy Cow!!!!! I am in love with this version of the song!!!! I have never heard it done this way, but I love how creative they got with the song! Awesome work, Pentatonix.”

Another said, “Is there anything better than Christmas songs sung by Pentatonix? I really can’t think of anything at the moment. Replay.” Sometimes a new twist on an old classic is just what we need to put us in the spirit for the holidays and Pentatonix does that perfectly. Their creativity and imagination add an entirely new element to this Christamas classic.

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