Five Women Went Up Onstage To Sing “O Holy Night”. Watch The Girl With The Violin! WHOA!

Celtic Woman is an all-female Irish group which has left millions of people in awe with their incredible performances. This group was created in 2004 by Sharon Browne and David Downes. Over the years, the line-up of the group has changed, but they still manage to wow their audience every time. You are going to be completely breathless when you hear this incredible cover by Celtic Woman below!

This exceptional rendition of “O Holy Night” will fill your heart with joy for sure. This timeless Christmas classic had always been a favorite of mine, but watching Celtic Woman’s version was the cherry on the top! There is no better way to enjoy this holiday season than by listening to these saintly voices! These ladies are really talented beyond words!

Watching this clip really put me in the true spirit of Christmas. Sometimes people forget that this is actually a religious holiday and it’s not just about gifts. Song like this remind us of the reason for this holiday and that helping others is just as important as celebrating. The Celtic Woman do an amazing rendition of this classic Christmas song that makes us melancholy and still puts us in the mood for the holiday season.

Be sure to watch this amazing performance till the end. It’s just as great at the end as it is in the beginning. What a beautiful song by a talented group of women.

Watch their cover below! What are your thoughts about this? Let us know if you enjoyed it in the comments section!

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