Toddler calls 911 for dad, her sweet confession will move you to tears!

This video features an incredible 911 call which will warm your heart and make you smile all at the same time.

I know we have all seen a few of these 911 video replay calls in the past,  but this one is quite different. It features an amazing little five year old girl who might very well be the epitome of a calm and collected person. You are not going to believe yourself when you hear her conversation with the operator!

Her father went through some chest pain, so she immediately called 911. She is so calm and collected and she does a very good job of reassuring her dad that everything will be fine. One thing concerns her and that is that she is in her jammies. She wants to change before the ambulance arrives. She’s clearly been taught that people don’t go out in public in their pajamas.

She’s calm and collected as she talks to the operator and follows his instructions to unlock the front door so paramedics can come inside. Then she reassures her dad by saying, “Don’t worry, Dad.” She really handled that pretty well! And she continues to remain calm.

In fact, she’s so calm, she’s concerned that they are both in their pajamas and she’s in a tank top. She says she’ll have to get dressed, but she doesn’t know what she’s going to wear! It’s adorable. Her father is okay and everything turned out fine, but I still don’t know what she decided to wear.

Prepare to fall in love with this darling little girl and her ever-so-sweet temperament. She’s an angel you’ll want to share with your friends.