Five-Year-Old Girl Sits Down Behind A Drum Kit. I Was Blown Away By What She Did Next.

When you first see Eduarda Heinklein Baterista behind a drum kit in a Brazilian club, you wonder what she’s going to play. This is a tiny five-year-old girl holding drumsticks that seem half as long as she is. Then the music starts getting piped into the headset she’s wearing and it’s off to the races. This is no simple song, either. It’s Van Halen’s “Jump.”

Does she play it well? In a word, yes. I’ve been playing the drums since the mid-80’s and this girl kicks my butt. Her stick technique is sound and she’s also able to pound the bass drums with her feet. Alex Van Halen would be impressed. Add a little mini-drum solo after the song end, and all in all, she earned her applause that night.

She’s got quite a few other videos to watch… and I have to say: She’s not afraid to tackle the greats. She plays songs by Led Zeppelin, Metallica, System of A Down. These are all high-energy songs that would tire out a lesser drummer. It’s a pleasure to watch her master fills, triplets, flams and other drum rolls. If she sticks with this, she’s going to be a FORCE in rock in 20 years. Let’s all check back here in that time span, OK?

There have been other videos showing young kids playing the drums. This is different. I think it’s the Brazilian showmanship in her. She LOVES what she’s doing and if you watch her face, you can see that passion. Her YouTube videos all get close to a million views. All she wants to do is drum and that’s fine by me. As long as I’m never her next door neighbor, that is…

This video had me reaching for my own drumsticks. How about you? Let us know in the comments!

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