Flash floods stranded many animals – what these guys did is extraordinary!

Natural disasters can be extremely hazardous to us all – and not just us humans either! Whether it’s torrential rain, gale force winds or flash flooding, or even earthquakes and volcanic activity, mother nature’s wrath can cause distress among all living things. This is especially true when our homes are destroyed or washed away.

Climate change has affected almost every country in the world and will continue to do so unless we do something about it. With the seas becoming warmer and the ice caps melting, all-time high levels of rainfall are being recorded all over the globe. In the US flash flooding has become an increasingly trenchant problem – particularly in southern states like Mississippi – and people have struggled to deal with the devastation it causes.

Everyone and everything suffers when this kind of event happens, and many animals were left stranded and homeless when the recent deluge submerged the surrounding landscape. Back in March 2016 there was a particularly bad flash flood and many wild animals had scrambled to the safety of high ground, but with flood waters still closing in – they weren’t out of the woods yet! Brothers Frank and Joe Williams of Hernando, Mississippi decided to do something about it!

Taking their boat out across the flood waters, they discovered many wild animals trapped, frightened and in desperate need of assistance. Joe, who is the owner of a fishing guide company, wasted no time in suiting up in his waders and jumping into the waist-deep quagmire, actually falling several times in his quest to save the stricken beasts! As humorous as this often is – we applaud Joe’s bravery in selflessly getting out there to rescue these animals!

The brothers managed to save three opossums, an armadillo and a number of other, smaller creatures during the course of their mission. With no concern for their own safety, we think these guys deserve some recognition for such a heart-warming act.

It’s incredible to watch this amazing video as the two brothers navigate their small craft through the Mississippi floodwaters searching for animals in need – and then Joe wades out to rescue as many as they can find. We need more people like these guys on the planet – and less of the ones who seemingly enjoy the mistreatment of animals. Well done lads – we hope you enjoyed a well-deserved beer after your heroic rescue mission!