Flashback: 15 Year Old Brenda Lee Stuns With Her Signature Hit Single “I’m Sorry”

Brenda Lee is a bona fide country music legend. Her career spans more than six decades, and she has released dozens of chart-topping hits. The sixties were a good time for Lee, as she had 47 number one singles in that decade alone.

In fact, in terms of number one hits, Lee is the fourth highest ranking artist from the sixties. She’d beat out only by Elvis, The Beatles, and Ray Charles. That’s pretty impressive company to keep!

“Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” is probably Lee’s best known song. It’s a holiday tradition, now, and it plays throughout supermarkets, busy shopping malls, and on nearly every radio station when that time of year rolls around.

Second only to her holiday hit is her single “I’m Sorry, released in 1960. Lee was only fifteen when she debuted her self-titled album with “I’m Sorry” on the track listing. Her age didn’t matter to fans. The song rocketed to the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100, and hit number 12 on the UK Singles chart.

Watch talented young Lee sing “I’m Sorry” in the video below!

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