Flashback To Jeannie C. Riley’s Runaway Hit Song That Topped The Charts. This Song? Amazing!

Jeannie C. Riley had a hard time in Nashville when she first arrived in 1966. Like all creatively driven cities, it was a hard nut for her to crack. When she released “Harper Valley P.T.A.”, though, everything changed.

Riley’s famous “Harper Valley P.T.A.” was originally written by Tom T. Hall. Riley recorded it as part of a demo track, and the song caught the ear of a record producer, giving Riley her first real break in Nashville.

Soon, the classic track soared through the Billboard Country and Billboard Pop charts, hitting number one seemingly overnight. This kind of quick rise to the top would not be seen again until Dolly Parton released “9 to 5” over a decade later.

Riley has won a number of awards for the track, including a Grammy, a Single of the Year, and many Grammy nominations across genres. It really put her on the map.

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