Float your cares away on this 700-square-foot off-grid home on the water

There are so many unique houses in the world, and it is interesting to see how other people live. One of the most interesting home styles is the floating home. The featured spectacular floating home is self-built and off the grid.

The house is a dark green and oak wood color, and it has two levels. The home floats in the middle of a lake between two mountains. Beautiful flowers are all around the house, which sits next to a dock filled with boats.

Jay Blackmore, the homeowner, says, ‘When I was thinking about what I wanted my life to look like for the next couple of years, I wanted to be as close to the water as I could.’

It’s independent of the power grid and uses its own power, sewer, and water. The only thing the home relies on is being connected to the marina’s dock.

Jay actually designed and built the whole home, only bringing in electricians and gas fitters for the work he couldn’t do himself. After a year of planning, he began the three-year building project.

The building plan started with the construction of a 16-foot wide and 40-foot long floating barge. Afterward, he started framing the house on top. The structure ended up being 14 feet wide by 34 feet long on the main floor. Jay’s second floor is 12 feet by 24 feet, and the whole home has 700 square footage of heated living space.

He has a central living space featuring a sofa, kitchen, windows, and a table and chairs. There is a composting toilet in the bathroom with a shower and two kids’ bedrooms upstairs. Jay even added a deck on top of his house for spectacular views. The entire home is powered by 400 watts of solar energy. This home is truly a labor of love. There’s no place like (Jay’s) home!

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Float your cares away on this 700-square-foot off-grid home on the water