Float your worries away on Joni Mitchell’s 1971 ‘River’

Legendary Canadian-American singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell is no stranger to the music scene, having won ten Grammy Awards throughout her career and instilling her legacy within the halls of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Helping to define a generation, Joni Mitchell’s riveting catalog of songs are memorable, repeatable, and downright classics. None other than her emotional and telling single, “River.”

Taken from the famed musician’s landmark album, Blue, “River” has quickly become the standard many look to in Joni Mitchell’s iconic soundscape, fusing beautiful piano notes with her tasteful vocal melodies.

Indeed an emotional affair, “River” has been described as an emotionally charged release that focuses on a recent breakup of a romantic relationship that leads the way for Joni Mitchell’s longing to escape from her own painful bonds.

“River” is undoubtedly a landmark track, becoming Joni Mitchell’s second-most covered track from her vast list of tunes, with the likes of Barry Manilow and Sarah McLachlan taking on their own versions of the famed heartbreak anthem.

Joni Mitchell’s illustrious career continues to live on as new music listeners are still discovering the contemporary artist’s song in mass to continued fanfare, essentially placing this star-studded performer as a true legend.

“River,” a track fueled with emotional despair and cheer alike, showcases the drive to carry on backdrops Joni Mitchell’s dynamic quality when it comes to her work which is why we can’t seem to get enough.

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Float your worries away on Joni Mitchell\'s 1971 \'River\'