Killer Hurricane The Size of Texas On Collision Course With Florida, Georgia, South Carolina

Previously, Hurricane Irma was recorded being approximately 400 miles long and 400 miles wide, but it is picking up in speed and size faster than anyone could have predicted.

Hurricane Irma now measures approximately 900 miles wide Wednesday night, James stated. Texas itself spans about 720 miles from El Paso to its opposite border near Shreveport, Louisiana.

“Hurricane Irma is so huge that it would cover the UK and Ireland,” Channel 4 meteorologist Liam Dutton tweeted. Sky correspondent Ian Woods stated: “It’s the size of France. It’s an enormous beast,” the Express reported.

The eye of the storm– the calm area at the very center of the storm is about 30 miles wide. That’s about the size of the city of Detroit. Meteorologist Ryan Maue tweeted that the eye was large enough to cover the island of Barbuda, which Irma hit early Thursday morning.

Now this monster storm sets its sights on Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina and evacuation orders have been issued. Here’s the latest: