Flower Company Gives A Surprise For This Mom. But What Happens At The End? I Can’t Stop Crying!

Every once in a while, we come across stories that are so beautiful, they move us to tears, even if they’re just presented in a short video. When I watch videos like this one, I can’t help but sob and choke back some tears a little, the feelings are too much for me just from watching the video!

The clip shows us a special delivery that the flower company Teleflora made for Ryan, a Navy Seal Commander who has not seen his mom in over two years. Teleflora promises to deliver an “Unforgettable Mother’s Day Delivery”, and when you see the work that they’ve done, you know that it’s not an understatement at all.

The delivery is a tribute to all the hard work that Ryan’s mother had to do just to give him the life he deserved, and he’s especially thankful because his mom had to give up her athlete career to raise him, even when she was all alone with him in the world. As you probably know already, life for a single mother can be very difficult and full of sacrifices, and being aware of this, Ryan had to give her the perfect gift to just try and match her infinite love.

Since he was away, they had to deliver his message on video, and that alone already is enough to bring tears to my eyes, but the surprise that he prepared for her at the end really takes the cake!


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