When you see this majestic fluff ball float through the air in slow motion, your jaw will drop

This has got to be the fluffiest cat we have ever seen! He looks like a fluffy white cloud and oh-so-pretty. I just want to reach out and touch him, don’t you? Soooo fluffy! Cat lovers will rejoice when they see this beauty in action. So elegant. So graceful. Just pure beauty.

This darling Persian kitty is playing, romping, and jumping around in slow motion, showing off off all his wonderful fluffiness. That is the most majestic sight I have ever seen. Whoever thought of taking this video in slow motion had the best idea ever! 😀

If this cat was advertising shampoo, I would buy several bottles and probably find out if I could invest in the company. You have to see this magnificent cat. One viewer said jokingly, “That’s not a cat, stop lying. That’s clearly a cloud.”