Sarah Brightman is an ethereal angel in ‘Fly to Paradise’ performance

Sarah Brightman

A beautiful Sarah Brightman is center stage in a dark sparkly fitting dress as she sings ‘Fly to Paradise.’ The British singer and dancer is not alone in the act but has the company of a chorus and orchestra.

Sarah Brightman begins the song in a childlike singing manner that deepens into a heavenly melody. She seems to fly away to the tune of the background singers as the golden lights envelop her.

It is then that her womanly voice erupts, transfixing us in a metaphorical take-off to paradise. Brightman sings like an angel throughout her performance and moves like one would expect an angel to do so.

Sarah Brightman

The chorus and orchestra that are part of this magnificent and fantastic performance elevate her singing. Every time the music deepens, she seems to rise above the stage with the chords of the instruments.

The emotional performance by Sarah Brightman and those that accompany her in the HYMN IN CONCERT ends as one could only imagine, in a golden waterfall of fireworks that encapsulate the stage.

‘Fly to Paradise’ has been viewed over three million times on the platform and has received almost thirty thousand likes. Many of the comments mention how extraordinary Sarah Brightman’s passionate singing made the performance.

One viewer said that Brightman was magnificent and sublime, that a great singer like her can only achieve her type of singing and presence on stage. It is indeed a performance to experience many times over.

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