Flying Drone Fetches McDonald’s To Satisfy Fix During Quarantine

Being in a state of semi-isolation has inspired some people to come up with ingenious ways of getting regular things done that we simply can’t anymore. The next time you’re in the mood for a cup of joe, give this idea some thought. A local ordered coffee from a Renton, Washington McDonald’s, but in order to comply with quarantine, he collected it with his drone.

Surprisingly, the McDonald’s staff had no problems taking the coffee outside for aerial collection. The cup of coffee was placed into a perfectly sized basket and then flown all the way back to his backyard. It’s remarkable to see a cup of McDonald’s coffee being carried halfway across town and all without spilling a drop.

If you feel like a cup of restaurant coffee badly enough will, will make a way. Just look how this intelligent Washington local got his McDonald’s coffee home – delivery by drone takes on all new meaning. I wonder what he’ll be fitting into that little basket next?

Flying Drone Fetches McDonald\'s To Satisfy Fix During Quarantine