This Foal Is Destined To Be Euthanized Since He’s Unable To Be A Racehorse

Breeding is a common problem that we hear about, but we usually think about cats and dogs. It’s important to understand that there are other species being mass produced in ways that are similar. For instance, horse breeding is a huge, ever-growing operation. Like breeding rings and factory farms, it’s extremely profitable despite being awful for the animals involved. Animals born as a part of breeding operations tend to be put in unhealthy environments for long periods of time.

The breeding of horses kicked off thanks to horse racing. Betting on a racehorse means you’re essentially supporting those breeding operations. Breeders will do whatever they can to produce as many foals as they’re possibly able to, but not all foals that are born will grow up to be racehorses. The ones that don’t make the cut are dubbed incompetent and useless, so they end up lacking the care they need to survive. Sometimes, they’re even sent to be euthanized.

Since she was 12, Victoria Goss has worked hard to provide shelter to horses in need. She founded a horse rescue organization called Last Chance Corral over 35 years ago in Athens, Ohio. She works hard to assist as many horses as she can, saving any who need her help despite dealing with poor economic conditions. The volunteers at Last Chance Corral work just as hard to protect the creatures in need.

It’s horrible how careless people can be when it comes to breeding animals and leaving them for dead when they don’t grow up to serve a specific purpose. Animals are creatures too, and they have feelings and experience pain and suffering just like humans do. It’s important to spread awareness and educate people on the harmfulness of breeding, and we should do our best to support organizations like Victoria’s. Make sure you share this wonderful story with your friends and leave your thoughts in the comments!