Some Folks Don’t Believe What This Cat Does To The Mailman, Until They Watch This!

One of the most common stereotypes when it comes to having dogs living with you at home is the way they deal with the mailman when they come visit. But did you know that cats can feel this too? It’s such a nuisance for our poor feline friends to have a strange man deliver paper envelopes on his territory, and he carries out his duty to defend his home in the video right below!

After watching this video, I’m sure that cats are just as protective of their homes as dogs are. The post office threats will never be any problem to this household, because that kitty is there to valiantly defend it at any cost. When you see the video for yourself, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about!

What’s funniest about the whole thing is that cats can never actually be intimidating at all. Sure, dogs have their teeth and their barks to scare people off, and some of them might look very threatening when they really want to, but kitty cats are just adorable fluff balls who jump out of nowhere to attack their poor victims, without even giving them a chance of getting scared at all.

Watch this adorable kitty defend his home from the mailman in the video down below!

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