Follow Timo’s Adorable Everyday Adventures! You’ll Fall Right In Love!

Get to know Timo the fluffy ragdoll cat. He lives happily in the Netherlands and enjoys going on amazing cat adventures. His owner greatly enjoys keeping a hilarious record of Timo’s shenanigans, and to our fortune he shares it with the entire internet!

In this video you can see Timo enjoy a normal day outdoors, all the while being extremely cute! It’s amazing to see how this curious cat finds any and all possible ways to be entertained with mundane tasks! We could all learn a bit from him in this aspect!

The video categorizes Timo’s activities by type, first he chases after things — even trying to attack his owner’s camera a few times.  You can see him try to act all stealthily, even though his hiding spots aren’t all that great. Both his owner and Timo do not know exactly what he is chasing after, but it’s all absolutely adorable; it’s easy to understand how he has become an internet sensation.  After chasing,  time to get dirty, as Timo rolls around in the flower bed and digs in the dirt.

After all of that, he heads over to the koi pond to wash his paws, then, finally, he’s ready for some rest and relaxation.

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