His Foot Was Caught In A Deadly Trap. My Heart Was Racing When I Saw What They Did Next!

Animal Aid Unlimited is a non-profit organization that has been working for the rescue and recovery of all types of stray animals. This organization is located in Rajasthan, India and is a United States based group. The AAU in India received a call reporting about a dog whose paw was caught in an animal trap and they knew they had to take action and help.

This trap was used to kill small animals like rabbits and they had one chance to catch and save him. He kept running away and then he disappeared into some bushes. But when he came back, they wasted no time capturing him with a humane net. He immediately laid down under the net and the rescuers were petting him, calming him down.

The poor dog was badly injured. You could even see the bones in his paw. He needed an amputation. They took him to the vet immediately, removed the trap, and all the skin and muscle had been shredded from his foot and bones were broken. They immediately amputated his leg.

But after some time? Wait till you see him after his leg has healed. This dog is so smart and he loves the treats his rescuers give him. He’s made some new friends and is doing just fine! This rescue was amazing!

Watch the rescue in the video below and let us in on your thoughts about it in comments!

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