Foot-Tapping Dueling Banjo Performance Is Inspired By Bluegrass Sound

The iconic scene from ‘Deliverance’ inspires this dueling banjos video. In the movie, Drew’s character (played by Ronny Cox) is waiting at a truck stop in a rural little town, idly strumming on his guitar. Suddenly, there is an answering call from a banjo.

This duel in the video takes place on a beautiful farm, with a gorgeous horse in the background. After a few chords back and forth, a second horse wanders into the frame. The chords pick up some intensity and sound like the makings of a song.

However, unlike the movie, only one man is playing the banjo and the guitar in this clip. The musician in this film is Rene Perreault, and he does a marvelous job playing both instruments. You can tell he put a lot of thought and work into the production aspects of this video.

I am not sure how they do the editing for that, but I loved how the first horse we saw appeared to stare at “them” play their instruments for a while! The battle escalates into an intense melody that showcases the tunes bluegrass roots.