This Footage of Baby Goats Jumping All Over the Place Is Something You Won’t Want to Miss

Goats were one of the first animals that people domesticated and in the 10,000 years since, people have valued goats for their milk, and of course, their eagerness to clear the land of weeds and brush. Not surprisingly, this important and versatile farm animal figures prominently in the mythology of numerous cultures.

Despite having hooves, goats are remarkably agile, expert climbers with a first-rate sense of balance. In fact, they’re notorious for climbing out of their pens or over fences. If you have a goat that’s gone missing, check any nearby trees!

Goats are quite intelligent and even make efforts to communicate with people, including asking for assistance. Their colorful personalities have led some people to keep them as pets rather than working animals.

If you’ve seen enough old-time cartoons, you could be forgiven for thinking that goats eat tin cans. They don’t, of course, but goats are always curious about whether an object might be good for eating.

If something looks like it might be made of plant material, you can bet a goat will give it a try: cardboard, cloth, paper (including tin can labels), you name it.

Getting a goat to stay in a stall is a fool’s errand, so farmers have found it’s best to just let the goats roam freely and “browse” at will.

Instead of grazing, like so many other hoofed animals, goats “browse,” meaning that they eat vines, weeds, the occasional broad-leaf plant, and most especially the tips of shrubs or tree branches.

Goats are fun but baby goats are incredibly cute. The video we’ve posted below is a compilation of baby goats and their antics: running around and jumping, playing, frolicking, perching on horses, jumping from horse to horse, and making hilarious and adorable goat noises.

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This Footage of Baby Goats Jumping All Over the Place Is Something You Won\'t Want to Miss