For 10 Years, This 92 Year Old Man Talks To No One. Then A Nurse Made One Simple Change. What A MIRACLE!

Music is simply incredible. It has been proven to help people heal physically and mentally from many injuries. In this video you will see and 92-year-old man, named Henry Dryer, who can attest to the power of music.

Henry’s in the last 10 years of his life living in a nursing home. As his dementia got exceedingly worse he seemed to just fade away. The staff at the nursing home cared for him as best they could, but before long Henry was unresponsive.

Then one day a nurse put on some music and Henry changed completely. Hearing his beloved music again Henry’s quality of life changed for the better. It’s heartwarming to see him so improved after such a hard time. Watch this video and see Henry’s amazing transformation.

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