For 12 years, this woman has been living comfortably in a tiny house made of mud

Bryce and Misty live in a totally off-grid home that they built themselves. They wanted to build their own home to avoid paying a mortgage and were able to build the sustainable home of their dreams for under a thousand dollars.

They built a cob home, which is a mixture of clay, sand, and straw. The structural components are timber or lumber, depending on the building. This build has a unique style and perfectly suits the family’s eco-goals.

The couple’s sustainable lifestyle goes far beyond their tiny home. They practice a sustainable permaculture lifestyle that syncs with the world around them. They mainly utilize solar power but also have a wind turbine available.

Another essential aspect of Bryce and Misty’s lifestyle is homesteading. They have raised cows, pigs, ducks, and chickens for meat and dairy products. Additionally, the property has many fruit trees and a vegetable garden to supplement their diet. Bryce says food production is the most essential aspect of their lifestyle.

Since building their home in 2009, Bryce and Misty have had two children that they are raising in their sustainable lifestyle. Their two daughters are homeschooled and learning valuable homesteading lessons on the property.

The home’s interior has changed and adapted as the family has grown. Most of the furniture and materials were salvaged from local sites. As more materials appeared, the couple designed new rooms as needed.

When Bryce and Misty set out to live off the grid, they didn’t know the end result. Now, they are car-free, debt-free, off-grid, and living the ultimate sustainable dream while raising two beautiful daughters.

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