For 14 Years He Walked Past The Same Chained Up Dog Every Day. Then He Finally Had Had Enough Of It!

Thayne Hamilton was encouraged by his family and friends to enter a contest by the Seattle based TV show Talk It Up. The contest they were running had $1000 prize which would be awarded to the contestant who got the most votes. As soon as they got Thayne’s entry they already knew he would be the winner.

Thayne story is a sad one. He and his wife Christine loved dogs. Over the period of a decade they had rescued more than 20 dogs. They were so passionate about this cause they converted their home into a rescue center called Grey Muzzle Rescue.

Then tragedy struck Christine received a terminal diagnosis. There were treatments available that could have lengthened her life, but she chose to prioritize the house and dogs over her own well-being. When she passed she made Thayne promise to continue to care for their dogs.

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