For 8 years, she has been living alone in a fairytale tiny house on an island

Tiny house

The “Forest House” is a gorgeous tiny forest home on Orcas Island. It looks a little bit like a treehouse and is only accessible by ferry, adding to the experience’s magic.

Suzanne is the current owner of the Forest House. From the moment she saw it, she knew she had to live there. She purchased the home in 2002 and lived there alone for eight years.

Built by famous PNW designer SunRay Kelley, the tiny forest home has a very whimsical style. Suzanne loved it so much that she decided to share it with others and converted it into a vacation rental property.

Tiny house

The rental conversion has been wildly successful. Despite the hour and a half ferry ride to the island, Suzanne stays booked nearly all the time and receives rave guest reviews.

Guests can enjoy the warm wooden interiors, big cathedral windows, and hand-crafted doors that add character to every corner of the house. The Forest House also has a bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room for guests’ comfort.

Suzanne says the highlight of the home is the tub room, a gorgeous wooden room with the original Japanese soaking tub installed directly into the floor. A skylight and large cathedral windows make the room totally unique and relaxing.

Suzanne describes her tiny home as “Enchanting, wonder, whimsical, and unique.” – and hopes that more people in the future build tiny homes in the future to continue this unique way of living.

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