For under $200K, you can get this luxury RV. Wait until you see the inside!

One thing I’ve always wanted to do is to retire and travel the world in an RV. This is something I have been saving money for the longest time. I have an adventurous side and fortunately, my wife does, too. I have even been shopping around to see if there is something that can match my needs and those of my wife.

What got me started in this RV frenzy was a visit that we had about 5 years ago. It was by a family friend who had been in the military. He had come back and once he had retired, got a job with a contractor who manufactured the RVs. When he saw all the possibilities, he knew there was no better way to travel. “Sure, you can always get a hotel, but why would you want to?” he said.

For him, hotels were just too overpriced. He preferred to be in control of his accommodations and when he could access them. “The thing about hotels is that depending on what season it is, you can either get over-charged or will not even get a room. What if you have already planned your vacations or you don’t have any other time of the year to go?”

When I heard this, I had to hand it to him, he had a point. It is very hard to get a room at certain times of the year. “With an RV, you are the one who decides,” he told me. He had gotten one that had all the comforts of his own home. He even had a washing machine and a dryer. The RV came complete with a flat-screen TV and very comfortable sofas.

I stayed with him for a couple of nights and I have to say, it was a pleasant experience. I didn’t want to make a down-payment on one just yet. I wanted to see what I could get for the budget that I had. But after seeing the following video, I will probably consider saving up a little bit longer. This RV is a dream come true in many senses.

It is what is known as a “luxury mobile home.” The minute you lay eyes on it, you will agree with me, too. Imagine a small luxury apartment but on-the-go. This is exactly what you will get when you purchase it. Click on the video and get ready to take the guided tour. You will explore every corner of it and find out why it is the latest trend for mobile-home lovers!