For Weeks, This Poor Dog Lived All By Herself In A River Bank… I Broke Down When THIS Happened!

Hope for Paws works day and night for the wellbeing of many animals suffering on the streets. I can say without a bit of hesitation that it is one of the most incredible animal rescue organizations in the world. This video features a beautiful rescue of an abandoned German Shepherd. This was carried out by the founder of Hope for Paws, Eldad Hagar, and his friend Lisa.

They got a call requesting the rescue of a deserted dog from the banks of Los Angeles River. When they arrived on the site, they had no idea where to look for the poor pooch since the canal ran for miles. But they kept on looking and after searching for 30 minutes, they finally found Adrienne’s hiding spot. Adrienne had been living alone for weeks and watching her get loved after such a long time is touching.

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