After Being Forced To Spend Christmas Alone, THIS Grandpa Has Had Enough!

When this grandpa listened to his voice mail, you can see his expression turn from illusion into disappointment and heartbreak in just a few seconds. It seems like he’s let down by his family, and he’s going to have to spend Christmas night all alone at home. One by one, the members of his family tell him excuses and explanations about how they’re not going to make it. One of them was on a business trip far away, another one is working at a hospital, the others had time constraints and such. So he makes a bold but determined decision.

He decides he’s had enough, and he does something very drastic to amend the situation. His reasoning is that, if his family is not going to come together to visit for the holidays and the important days of the year, he’s going to force them to be together in grief. For this reason, he decided to fake his own death. He even sent out invitations for his own funeral to the whole family, and when they finally get all together at home, he as a stunning message to deliver to them. It left me in tears!

Don’t miss this magical family message on the clip right below.

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