Forgotten items that were in every 1980s home

You may have forgotten these popular 80s items that were prevalent in almost every American home. The nostalgic look at things that time forgot will have you thinking about the 1980s all over again!

Garage door openers were introduced in the 70s, but not everyone had them. By the 1980s, homeowners across the country started installing automatic garage door openers. Wireless technology allowed for the doors to be opened using a remote from inside the car.

The 80s also saw a staple item of American culture fill every home. The sewing machine was something no family could live without in the 80s. It was usually placed in the laundry room on the sewing table to fix holes and buttons or even create new clothes from scratch.

For home furnishings, the Brewer Chair Company provided the hottest 80s furniture. These chairs were commonly found in the house’s dining room and made from cane wood with chrome accents. However, the wood on the chairs would splinter or get holes very quickly.

No 80s home would be complete without the incredible popcorn ceiling. They were a staple of most houses and the ceiling texture business through the decade. The popcorn effect was meant to cover up plain flat ceilings but also made imperfections disappear. Some fancy ceilings even had glitter mixed in to make a bigger statement. Now it is a top priority to remove these ceilings when you renovate your home.

Televisions were built large and box-like. Similar to the 1970s, they were used as furniture in the living room. They often took up lots of space and came with a controller on top to help with flipping through the channels.

In bedrooms, televisions were smaller, so they could sit on a dresser and be hooked up to the latest video game console. Do you remember these fantastic must-have 80s items?

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Forgotten items that were in every 1980s home